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High Quality Pros is normally covering your current roofing needs of Connecticut businesses for well 30 plus years. Our group pride ourself upon having a permanent working relationship with the customers, following their demands then advising an appropriate solution; whether it industrial roofing services, membranes, or waterproofing in Westport.

Our organization will only use the highest grade roofing materials obtainable in regarding our market. These are typically the most "tried and tested" and also state-of-the-art now available. Our very own roofing crews will be formally well trained each and every roof our company install to make sure level of quality and so steadfastness with roof materials vendors standards.

Contact us today, (203)349-9992, allow our company eliminate your roof covering troubles! High-quality, Excellency and Serenity are what to expect from Commercial Roofing!

Industrial Roof Services

  2. Industrial Metal Roof Systems
  3. Stone Coated Metal Shingles & Roof tiles
  4. Roof Coatings & Water proofing
  5. Carlisle FleeceBACK System
  6. PVC Membranes
  7. TPO Membranes
  8. Preventative Industrial Roof Maintenance Solutions

Complete with the entire industry’s most complete product, High Quality Pros concentrates on providing an authentic incorporation of roof covering materials in prestigious procedures to which you may depend on. Our very own roofing systems are tried and tested to perform collectively to fulfill the suitable essentials of each and every individual structure. Our solutions are single source produced therefore single responsibilities and consistency by a reliable partner.

Our more than 150 Years, time-tested good reputation now means you should have peace of mind knowing the programs we provide are actually among the maximum performance level of quality and are covered by several of the premier warranties on the market. When making a selection which will be with you for a long period to come, you will get ongoing support by premium specialists whom will be well versed in commercial roofing system integration. Throughout the life cycle of the installation, we’ll give you the manufacturing assistance desired regarding your products, as well as continual information to ensure the roofing your business depend on always provide protection and so energy efficient inside of your financial desires.

Our organization specialize in commercially aware roofing and also water resistant design in current structures. We are professionals at roof covering renovation, which means you do not have to close your entrance doors while we revive your roof covering. In terms of securing your organization, it is necessary to employ the service of a licensed, bonded and even insured company such as our company. Anywhere from Hot-Tar, Flat, TPO or Metal roofing, our company has the correct roofing remedy for you.

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